Come to Corris



Come to Corris


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If you're coming to the area with a family, club or group of friends, and want to see the best trails in a short space of time, get in touch. Just check out the available dates on the calendar and click the one that suits you to load the enquiry form. Please include your phone number on the form, as we like to chat to all clients to give the best possible experience


Number of Riders       Total Due       (Cost per head)

             1                          £150                      £150
             2                         £160                      £80
             3                         £180                      £60
             4                         £200                     £50
             5                         £220                     £45
             6                         £240                     £40
             7                         £245                     £35
             8                         £240                     £30

The person making the booking is responsible for making full payment. Cost-per-head is shown to help persuade more friends to come along! 

We can also offer Morning Uplift using a car and trailer. This is charged per-mile, so let us know if you'd like this leg-saving option.

Please contact us by email to discuss prices for larger groups or event facilitation.

How to find us

Corris has no house numbers or street names. Follow SY20 9TQ on your sat nav, and call us on 07880 992552 or 01654 761456 when you arrive in the village for last mile directions.