Like most mountain bikers, I live too much online. Forums, and now Facebook, are great for planning a ride and getting a group together, but as soon as you've clicked Post, you handover all control of your plans to the Great Committee in the Internet. Tags, Shares and Likes give little idea of who is actually going to turn up. Or if the weather turns bad, anyone at all?

So last week when faced with a gap in the Master Map that needed filling, an iffy forecast and a tight timescale,  I knew just what to do - Pick up the landline. A route was planned, a meeting point set, and three days later when headlights emerged through the mist, I had no doubt we were set for a great day out.  Trails were checked, maps were highlighted and Sushi was eaten. The sun even popped out as we headed home. No faffing, just riding. As it should be.

Don't get me wrong, I love my gadge. But sometimes, like cleaning chains with petrol, the old ways produce the best results.